Welcome to Catstar Images! We are a multi-talented, multi-faceted company, backed by years of camera and photo editing experience. You will not be disappointed with the results of your photo shoot, as we are flexible and adaptable to your creative vision..

Are you pursuing a career in modeling and need to build your portfolio? Perhaps you’re an actor needing some head shots. Maybe you’re a musician (or band) looking for some original photos for your website or album cover. Getting your ‘om’ on as a yoga teacher? We’ve go you covered! Paying attention to location, season and time of day, we have an eye for capturing you in just the right light. If you are getting married soon–straight or queer–Catstar will provide you with an inspired view of your special day. Book us for your engagement photos, too. Or, set up a fun photo booth for you and your guests on your wedding day; perfect to create unforgettable memories! If you have you taken that step into parenthood, how about some heartwarming photos of your precious new baby?
And there’s more! We are delighted to offer two new services: basic video service and album layout design for musicians. If you need to make a short video but your cell camera just isn’t cutting it, let us help you out. For musicians, do you need more than photos? Let’s come up with a fresh, edgy design for your album cover, too!

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to taking a ride with you on your creative brainwave!

Karlo Keet
(403) 874-0763
Jump high. Shine bright. With Catstar.

Photo Packages

The Kitten – $300

The basic photo package consists of:

  • 1hr photo session on location
  • 8 edited images
  • Edited images consist of 8 high resolution unwatermarked images for print, 8 low resolution watermarked images for digital distribution
  • USB Stick
  • Standard editing
  • Enhanced photo editing is available for extra

The Tabby – $500

This higher end package consists of:

  • 2hr photo session on location
  • 18 edited images
  • Edited images consist of 18 high resolution unwatermarked images for print, 18 low resolution watermarked images for digital distribution
  • USB Stick
  • Enhanced photo editing included

Wedding Photos

Catstar is now doing wedding photography. We even cater to the LGBTQ+ community. We can do both engagement photos and ceremony or just ceremony alone. Base price: $1200

Pricing may vary as each client’s needs will be different. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Event Photography

Hourly Rate: $150/hour

Photo Booth: $500

Photo booth consists of a 10 x 10 canopy tent with backdrop and props. Great for weddings, BBQs, Corporate and other events. 

About the Photo Editing

Cell phones seem to do decent job through filters, but nothing beats a professional level photo editing to get the maximum image quality. Standard photo editing includes of removal of blemishes, red eye removal, light skin editing, and stretch mark removal. Enhanced photo editing consists of removal of blemishes, red eye removal, eye brightening, under eye softening, skin glamour, teeth whitening, mole softening, stretch mark removal, fix hair flyaways, and other special effects for theme specific sessions (ex: sci-fi, cosplay, fantasy etc…).

We will not make you look like a mannequin, Barbie Doll or Mr. Universe. We will not make your butt, bust, or any other part of your body look bigger or smaller. It would be a very inauthentic representation if we did that. You’re beautiful just the way you are.


Other services

Catstar Images is offering new services to the public. I do not have packages deals at the current moment. Each client will have different needs and expectations from one project to another. Please do not be discouraged. For pricing, please contact us, and we’ll be willing to collaborate on a custom project with you.

Video Service for musicians and artists

For years, I’ve dabbled into videography on an amateur level. I’m exploring more and more into the realm of video. Over the past few years, I’ve been making music videos for musicians. It is my pleasure to offer video service for musicians and other artists. Please contact for pricing as each client’s needs will be different from project to project.

CD Cover Design

With music on demand services available, it’s important to have a artwork for your project whether its an EP or LP. We will design your artwork and work within the specs of the distributor. You can supply illustrations, photos, or other images for your artwork. You can also book a photo session with us. Please contact for pricing as each client’s needs will be different from project to project.

Makeup and Hair Artist

Makeup and hair can be provided by Rida’s Makeover and Mentoring

You can also have your own MUHA of your choosing for the photo session.



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