Welcome to Catstar Images.

Our Vision

Our vision is to capture beauty that the world has to offer.

Our Mission

Catstar Images is Photography Outside the Box. Catstar Images mission is to capture the beauty in everyone and everything. We don’t want to just take any old photo. We want our clients from all walks of life to feel special and that they belong, feel accepted, and that they’re beautiful just the way they are. 

Karlo’s Story

My photography journey started back when I was 12 when I got my first point and shoot film camera. Later on, I learned SLR photography back in junior high, but I learned more about SLR photography in depth when I was in high school. I learned on the old Pentax Spotmatic cameras using black and white film. After high school, the photography was put on the way side to focus on a career in IT.

For years, I was focused on an IT career which wasn’t very rewarding. I helped the company I worked win a few Editors Choice awards, but it still wasn’t satisfying.

After I left the IT field, I decided to pursue a career in graphic arts. This was a little more rewarding as I was able to be creative.

For a couple years, I worked as a professional photo editor for a portrait studio chain before I returned to photography. It was decent, but I knew I wanted to do more.

On December of 2008, I purchased my first DSLR and returned to the passion of photography and never turned back. In late 2009, I started Catstar Creations. I specialized in creating fantasy faerie artwork and sold a few of my works at some local shops and well as shops in BC. My goal was to integrate faeries with nature photography.

In May of 2010, I ventured into the model photography. It was then I felt that this was my calling. I felt a more creative expression through the use of my subjects. Even though I was passionate with model photography, nature photography is still one of my favourite type of photography to take. 

The skills I learned as a professional photo editor and in combination of photography has allowed me to expand me creative abilities. These abilities allowed me to be free in my creative expression.

Each photo tells a story and each story is interpreted uniquely by each individual.

I want to thank the beautiful love of my life, Lena Wong, my family, and my friends for all the support.