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Saving the environment by selling nature and landscape photography in honour of my late Uncle Danny

Uncle Danny

Daniel Burton Keet (a.k.a Danny)
November 28, 1948 – March 03, 2021

Danny enjoyed the outdoors, inventing things and family was important.

Danny was very much an outdoors person and inventive.  He built a solar oven out of heavy cardboard that my grandpa had in the store and Danny covered it with aluminum foil and then put some kind of platform in the center.

During the summer Danny enjoyed going camping.  Danny and 2 of his friends would canoe across Lake Memphermagog which is in the eastern townships of Quebec.  They would canoe across to Mount Orford or one of the other mountains across the lake.  Then they would hide the canoe in the bushes and backpack / hiking up the mountain and once night fall was approaching, they would find a camping spot and set up camp.

Not only did Danny enjoy the summer.  He also enjoyed the winter. He built an Ice Boat from the ground up and my grandma helped him sew the sails.  The ice boat turned out really good and was a lot of fun.

I am sure going to miss him. I know he is going to be missed by so many.

Danny had this saying that he would tell you whenever you were going through a tough time when talked to him.

Even After The Darkest Night
The Birds Will Sing
In The Morning Light

 I know this is in some of our hearts and will always be a memory of Danny’s encouragement.

Environmental Possibilities campaign

I’m very passionate about nature and the environment. My intention is to help preserve the environment such that all generations can enjoy being in nature for years to come. I enjoy taking nature photography just as much as taking photos of people. In honour of Uncle Danny, I’m selling my landscape and nature images in the form of physical prints. 


Thank you